Fishing information

Welcome to Rasvanki-Virmasvesi district. You find the map of our area: Osakaskunnan vesialueet

The waters are managed by the landowners and fishing guards are allowed to ask to see your permits or your ID.

In Finland fishing with one pole+line+float+hook tackle is a common right on lakes (not rivers).

IF you use just one reel and rod.

A person age between 18 - 64 years, have to pay the personal national fisheries management fee. 47 €/year, 16 €/week, 6 €/day (2024)

Fishing without the national fisheries managements fee is a police affair.
More information:

The licence appears to your mobile phone and e-mail.

When attending fishing without any gear, bystander or rowing the boat, feel free to do so.

For more gear, rods, you have to have a local licence. You can get it from: webstore. Info for choosing: perusmaksu 6.50 € and
lisäuistin :extra rod ( -1+) 2.5€

Net-badge and other in water standing tackle badges must be attached to the flagpole or float. The badges are not personal but the fisherman's contact information there must be written.